The workshop will be held at the Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Google map) in the downtown area of Kanazawa, Japan.

Kanazawa is accessible by Shinkansen from Tokyo, as well as by domestic and international flights from Haneda, Narita, Fukuoka, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong.

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Kanazawa is one of the prime place for sightseeing in Japan. Thus, even after the Tokyo Olympic Games, the booking of hotels around the venue is expected hard throughout year. The participants are encouraged to reserve rooms as early as possible.

Kanazawa is a city brimming with history and culture, and once flourished as the castle town of the Kaga domain about 400 years ago. Now Kanazawa is a compact, tourist friendly city, where major attractions are located within a 2-km radius of the main train station.

Information Guide (PDF)

Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide (WEB site)